Secure Your Social Media Investment

Using social media and digital advertising for your cannabis business involves keeping up with a complex set of constantly evolving regulations and legal restrictions.

LITLY provides social media compliance solutions for enterprise organizations in the cannabis industry to mitigate the risk of social media account takedowns and to protect your investments.

Is your Business at Risk?

This current Canna-Industry landscape presents a 22 billion dollar revenue opportunity, in Canada alone.

With this new business potential comes a host of risks, with severe penalties, capable of crippling business reputations and shareholder value, overnight.

It’s our job to ensure your business is cannabis compliant across channels.

Don't Get Left Behind

Online advertising, Content marketing, Social media and Digital commerce is creating massive value for leading brands, across all industries. Cannabis businesses both medicinal, recreational and ancillary have the opportunity now to harness online trends, early.

However, cannabis businesses in North America are currently faced with a growing number of challenges and obstacles in social media and digital advertising, impeding rapid growth.

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